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Here you find out what has been going on at Molly's from my point of view, a four year old labrador.


Dont let my Mum know I use the computer though!

By Molly, Jul 5 2014 08:22AM

I’ve had a really exciting couple of days!

On Wednesday Murray came to stay for the day. He is very handsome and even better he loves playing chase with me. He likes getting all of my toys out of the box and he takes them out on the lawn, one by one. They were everywhere! Mummy said it was very funny how many toys he could play with at the same time - even more than me!

On Thursday Mummy took me to a different vets to get my eyes checked. I think she is going to let me have babies which we are all very excited about. The vet made lots of fuss of me and said my eyes were perfect and I didn’t even have to have an injection. I got a biscuit for being good. I love going in the car with Mummy we always go somewhere exciting.

Today I have had the best time with Reggie, a Pug/Jack Russell cross. Reggie likes to play A LOT and loves bones like I do. In the afternoon we were so tired from playing that we both fell asleep on the cool kitchen floor.

I love that Mummy has set up Molly’s Home Dog Boarding for me, I always have friends to play with which is so much fun!

By Molly, May 28 2014 09:15PM

As a four year old labrador my spelling is not great so please forgive me and typing with paws is not so easy!

I will try to keep you informed of what we get up to here at Molly's when my mum lets me use the computer or she leaves the room long enough for me to log on.

Here she comes now so I'm off for a bit.

Bye for now,

Molly x

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