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Here you find out what has been going on at Molly's from my point of view, a four year old labrador.


Dont let my Mum know I use the computer though!

Reggie & Reggie

By Molly, Jul 24 2014 05:47PM

Last week I met some new friends and I still have Reggie the Pug/Jack Russell cross staying with me, he came last Tuesday and is staying for 10 nights - we are great mates. Reggie makes Mummy laugh as he pulls on my lead as we walk to the park and makes me walk to heel! Mummy can’t make me do that! Reggie is also very funny and when a lady came to see us with a Westie that is staying soon, he took her cheque book out of her bag and put a bone back in its place! He also tries to get Mummy’s flip flops off her feet whilst she is walking in them and generally does lots of funny things.

Murphy was here for an overnight stay at the beginning of last week. He is the same age as me and a chocolate Labrador. He loves playing with toys and can run just as fast as me in the park. He was so excited when he got here, Mummy said he was like a big kid on a sleepover! Murphy is coming back for three weeks in August so we should have lots of fun together then.

We also had another Reggie to stay overnight - it’s quite good as Mummy only has to remember two names, Reggie and Molly. He is a Labradoodle and he is coming back again next week.

It is so hot at Molly’s! I love the sunshine but my friends and I are spending most of our time lying on the cool slate kitchen floor. Mummy gets us up very early to take us to the park and walks us very late so we don’t get too hot.

Catch up next week.

Woof woof

Molly x

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