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Here you find out what has been going on at Molly's from my point of view, a four year old labrador.


Dont let my Mum know I use the computer though!

Chasing Seagulls

By Molly, May 29 2014 08:08PM

I had so much fun today running around the park chasing seagulls. I am sure one day I will catch one but I have been trying for a long time. My Mum brushed me AGAIN when I got back home though. She says I am moulting all the time and it drives her mad. It's not my fault! She always makes even more fuss of me afterwards though and I get a biscuit if I stand still so it's not too bad.

I am now snoozing on my nice new bed that Mum got me. It's not really fair as it has pictures of biscuits all over it and at first I thought they were real. Still I can dream.......

Woof woof

Molly x

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