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Here you find out what has been going on at Molly's from my point of view, a four year old labrador.


Dont let my Mum know I use the computer though!

Another very busy week here at Molly's

By Molly, Jul 15 2014 08:23PM

Last week was really busy here at Molly's! On Monday I had to go the vets to have my annual health check and vaccinations. They said I was the picture of health and perfect weight. I got quite a few treats as I didn't like the booster that had to go up my nose, it's rubbish.

Ossie and Finn came to stay. Ossie is a black and white Springer Spaniel with huge ears! We had lots of fun running around the park together. Finn is a Jack Russell. He was really scared when he first arrived. Mummy gave him lots of love and cuddles and pretty soon he was happy playing with us and didn't seem so scared any more. Finn wasn't allowed off the lead as he wants to run off all the time - I don't know why, I would never want to leave my Mummy. He was also really good at getting through doors the moment Mummy opened them, she calls him the Escape Artist! Ossie, Finn and I had a great few days together on their holidays.

Ossie and Finn went home on Wednesday and Thursday but another Spaniel soon arrived called Deppsy. Deppsy is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel so he is much smaller than Ossie. It was great when Deppsy arrived as he likes to snooze a lot too. I was so tired after playing with Finn and Ossie. Deppsy and I slept a lot for the two days he was here!

I'm looking forward to next week as my mate Reggie is coming to stay for 10 days - I will update you next week!

Woof woof

Molly x

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