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Worthing, West Sussex

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Molly's Home Dog Boarding is based in Worthing, West Sussex.


We specalise in over night stays for your dog whilst you are away on holiday. So why not give your dog a treat and book into Molly's Luxury Home Dog Boarding.


Please note: We are not kennels. Your dog is far too important, give them a little treat as well.


Molly's is a luxury hotel for dogs that also offers day boarding and doggy day care for puppies as well as older dogs.


We are fully licenced and insured so your dog(s) will be in safe hands whilst in our care.

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Worthing, West Sussex

Hello Molly's Mum here!


I thought I should let you all know a bit about myself and why I decided to set up Molly's Home Dog Boarding.  


I grew up in Warwickshire in beautiful countryside.   Up until the age of 18 I was lucky enough to have ponies (and horses as I got bigger!) and 2 yellow Labradors.  Molly and Folly each bore us two litters of puppies, 11 being the average number!  I was quite a tomboy, always in my jodhpurs looking after the horses and dogs.  After University in Bristol I started my career in marketing before changing to pharmaceutical sales after a couple of years.  I moved from London down to the sunny South Coast (Worthing, Sussex) about 8 years ago.  I bought my first house and invested all my spare time and love in doing it up.  About 4 years ago I got a promotion and was able to spend a lot more time at home working on pricing and tenders for large customers.  Up in Oxfordshire I got a call from my Mother telling me about a black Labrador called Lucy who had had a litter of puppies.  A week later I was told I was now the proud owner of a beautiful Labrador puppy, there and then over the phone she was called Molly.  I drove up to the Oxfordshire countryside from Sussex and fell in love.  Molly was so perfect with a funny little centre parting in the hair running up her nose - I have yet to find another Labrador like it.  I brought her home and vowed to be the best Mummy I could be and bring up a sociable, well trained dog.  She came everywhere with me and went to puppy training.  She was such a good girl.  Sure we had a couple of chewed flip flops and accidents but most of the time she was an angel.  I've always been a firm believer in setting dog's boundaries and she responded to them.  Molly was crate trained for a few weeks so toilet accidents faded very quickly and I always left her with things to do, stuffed Kongs and so on, if I had to go to see a customer.  I cried my eyes out the first time I had to go to work even though I knew she would only be on her own for an hour or so!


Friends started bringing their dogs to stay.  They could see what a lovely place it was for dogs and they trusted me to look after them.  They knew they wouldn't pick up any bad habits whilst they were here and would go home calm and happy.  We back onto 6 acres of playing fields and Cissbury Ring is at the end of the road, it is doggy heaven!


Last November I got the chance to apply for Voluntary Redundancy after 18 years.  It was doubtful they would accept it but after a change in family circumstances they reluctantly agreed.  Christmas passed with a mixture of nerves and excitement, what was I going to do next? I really didn't want to go back to the stress of the corporate life.  


Whenever I had gone on holiday I had never booked Molly into kennels, I knew she would hate it.  I always took her to a couple of fabulous places where she was treated as part of the family in a Home Boarding environment,  I still use these places to this day.  I suddenly knew what I wanted to do and Molly's Home Dog Boarding was born. Now please understand one thing, this is not my company but my very clever Labrador's (!)


I wanted to make Molly's different and having spent most of my life serving customers I think I know a bit about exceptional customer service.  At Molly's your dog is treated as part of the family.  He or she is treated no differently to Molly.  We all watch TV together in the evening and all dogs get all the cuddles and attention that they want.  The house has a lovely open plan, spacious feeling with the conservatory leading out onto a large decking area with gardens hind it.  The dogs love being able to wander in and out as they please, snooze on the decking or play on the lawn.  Because I know how I feel when I leave Molly, you will get regular texts and photos from me letting you know how your dog is getting on and what a good time they are having!  I don't go anywhere, this is what I do, so your dog will never be short of human or doggie company.  


If you are on Facebook then you can follow Molly's Home Dog Boarding and see updates throughout the day with pictures of your dogs.  At the end of their stay all the photos that I have taken of your dog are put into a named folder in the Hall Of Fame on our website, the link is on the left above this text.


I'm very flexible and here to help in anyway I can.  I am always at the end of the phone if your plans change or you need some advice.  I am really proud of Molly's and. I know you and your dog will love it too.  Molly and I look forward to welcoming you into our home.